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Frequently Asked Questions

When are “tornado shelters” opened?

• “Tornado Shelters” in Loudon County refer to locations used during tornado watch periods after normal business hours. After 5pm Monday through Friday and as needed Saturday and Sunday, shelters will be available and opened based on citizen request. Citizens should call the non-emergency number, 865.458.9081, for Loudon County 911 Communications to inquire about or request an open shelter.

• Prior to 5pm, citizens may seek shelter in any sturdy commercial or public building.

• After 5pm, opened storm shelters will be at Loudon County public schools in Philadelphia, Loudon High School, and Eaton Middle school.

What is the difference in a “Tornado Shelter” and a “Shelter”?

• A “Tornado Shelter” is only open during the period of a tornado watch or warning after 5pm Monday through Friday when schools are in session. During times when schools are not in session, shelters will be opened as needed.

• A ”Shelter” is opened by our request to our partners at the American Red Cross. The Red Cross opens and staffs the shelter for extended stay as a result of the loss of usage of citizens' normal residences.

Are there any restrictions while attending a tornado shelter?

• Yes. A list of guidelines and restrictions is available on this page for download. Strict compliance to these guidelines is essential for the comfort and courtesy of all users.

What opportunities are available within Loudon County Homeland Security and Emergency Management?

• Volunteer opportunities for support and first response are currently under development. Loudon County Emergency Management is re-organizing our operation and expanding the scope of the agencies ability to field personnel during incidents and events. Inquiries and resumes’ should be sent to our email address.

Where or how do I dispose of hazardous waste?

• For household hazardous waste such as paint, automotive batteries, etc., call the Loudon County Convenience Center at 865-988-7558.

Loudon County Homeland Security and Emergency Management
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